In Pacific Island cultures, Mana refers to the vital life force which flows through the body, the substance of which souls are made . At Mana Massage and Yoga we use the healing arts of massage and yoga to nurture and rejuvenate your life force, promoting health and well being. Whether at our location or yours, we offer a therapeutic experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and restored!

Welcome to Mana Massage and Yoga

Are you an employer looking to enhance your staff’s health and morale?

Our on site chair massage will release the stress of the workday and make your employees feel valued. Workplace massage has been shown to increase productivity, reduce sick leave and health care costs, and improve employee relations.

Our onsite yoga classes will give your employees the stretches they need to release the tension that naturally builds in their neck, shoulders, and hips. Lunchtime yoga is a great way to reward and rejuvenate your employees!